The Rhône-Alpes historical research laboratory publishes two journals :

A journal in religious history: Chrétiens et Sociétés XVIe-XXIe siècles, available in print and online in full text on the Open Edition Journals portal. OpenEdition Journals

A journal of history and art history: Les Carnets du LARHRA, available in print for issues from 2012 to 2015, and online in full text in open access on the Prairial platform. Théia, Revue d’histoire et histoire de l’art is set to take over from Carnets du LARHRA, whose latest issue 2023 | 1, published to celebrate the laboratory’s 20th anniversary, went online in December 2023.

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The laboratory also supports 3 journals:

  • Europa Moderna, edited by Sylvène Édouard, published from 2010 to 2015 and hosted by the Persée portal. The journal focuses on the study of written, iconic and visual representations and discourses in Ancien Régime societies, through discourses constructed or to be reconstructed in the fields of political, religious, philosophical and economic life and thought. By publishing works focusing on these societies, their cultures and their identity constructions, through their semiotic function and their systems of representation, the journal also wishes to devote an important place to iconology and thus to the relationship between historians and iconographic sources.
  • Histoire, médecine et santé, created in 2012 by the laboratory Framespa (Université Toulouse Jean-Jaurès), the journal is supported by Centre Alexandre-Koyré (CAK) and the laboratory Temos (Université d’Angers) since 2018. Laboratories Telemme (Aix-Marseille Université) and ICT (Université Paris Cité) also supported the journals since 2021, same as HALMA (Université de Lille) and LARHRA since 2022.
    The journal, available as an open-access print and digital edition, publishes contributions in French, English and Spanish on the social and cultural history of medicine, health and the body (ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history; all cultural areas). It comprises the following sections: Thematic dossier; Varia; Sources and documents; Reissues; Interviews; Bibliographical essays; Reviews.
  • Bellica. Guerre, histoire et sociétés is a French-language inter-university history journal, open to other human and social sciences. Its aim is to study war and the military in all their chronological, spatial and thematic amplitude, covering all aspects of this subject, from the origins of humanity to the present day.
    Bellica GHS is published twice a year, exclusively online, with the ambition of contributing to the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the academic world and to a wider public. While such journals do exist in the English-speaking world, there is no French-language journal, edited by academics, covering all historical periods. Bellica GHS aims to offer innovative, all-encompassing perspectives on a major social phenomenon, essential for understanding the life, organization and evolution of human societies. The first issue is due out in December 2024. LARHRA is associated through the involvement of members of the Conflictuality axis

Our current collections

Following on from the journal Chrétiens et sociétés XVIe-XXIe siècles, since 2003 we have been publishing the collection: Chrétiens et Sociétés. Documents et Mémoires.

The collection will reach 50 volumes by the end of 2023, its 20th anniversary.

Books are available in paper format from nos services and on the webside librairie Decitre.

The books are available in electronic format on the OpenEdition Books.

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Our ancient collections

Lastly, LARHRA is the repository for the old collections published by the Centre Pierre Léon, a center for economic and social history, and the centers for religious history (Centre André Latreille, Lyon 2 and Institut d’Histoire du Christianisme, Lyon III), which have been grouped together in the UMR since 2003.

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